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We’re very aware of environmental concerns and the need for alternative energy sources. Therefore, we’ve placed sustainable development at the center of our vision. Our engineering team masters the challenges that are specific to waste oil refining, biomethanization, ethanol production, biofuels, and green hydrogen production processes. We have particularly distinguished ourselves in the management of residual materials and in the development of projects related to renewable natural gas.

Because of our experience in Greenfield projects, plant upgrading, revamping, and debottlenecking of existing facilities, we’ve acquired the knowledge and skills required to define, build, and commission green energy production sites. Our experts are involved in all aspects of your projects from the technical validation of a theoretical process to the construction of pilot facilities right on through the implementation of an industrial plant.

Our team of engineers and technicians is proficient in the realization of infrastructure projects, wastewater, and pollutant extraction facilities. We take intellectual property into account and our goal is to find innovative and low-cost solutions to your most complex projects.

For each mandate, we ensure that your project meets environmental standards, is well integrated into the community and that the final product meets market specifications.


Ultragen's global actions and operations are guided by our approach to health, safety, environment, and sustainability governance.

As such, ULTRAGEN's practices are geared towards meeting the sustainable development requirements of its customers, while thinking of future generations, and the well-being of our employees.

The implementation of ULTRAGEN's Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development program is based on ULTRAGEN's Health, Safety, Environment policy and management's commitment to respect and promote health and safety in the workplace and the protection of the environment. The integration of the Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development program throughout the company requires the personal commitment of each employee.

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Key factors of sustainability

Contributing to The Social Impact and To Local Communities

At ULTRAGEN, we will improve the practices of our industries, government and municipal institutions and communities by sharing our knowledge, time, talent and through employee-directed giving. We strive to enhance development by helping our clients provide technological innovations and incremental improvements to facilities that reduce waste or risk to people and the environment.

Supporting the Energy Transition Innovation

ULTRAGEN’s service offering in support of energy transition reinforces our continuous development towards new technological innovations and improvements to facilities that reduce waste or risk to the people and the environment.  Our areas of interest include biofuels, water management, hydrogen production, biomethanization (biogas), used motor oil recycling, energy efficiency of industrial processes, 360 laser scanning to reduce air emissions, less travel, and less production/construction site risk.

Operations Conducted by Integrity

In all aspects of the organization, ULTRAGEN promotes our culture and expectations as reflected in our vision, values, and mission.  We adhere to our Code of Conduct, providing the tools and processes necessary to succeed.  In this way, we ensure that all parties are treated with respect, fairness, and appropriate transparency.

Protect and Reduce Risks – Zero Impact

ULTRAGEN will strive for zero damage and injury in all its operations and project delivery.  We will focus on improving the efficiency of our delivery and implement various means to reduce our environmental footprint.